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Student Reviews

"This amazing course is worth every penny. I started just 3 weeks ago, and it already made its money back and paid dividends. David is a true trailblazer and with us every step of the way"!
 Carla Morrow - Painter
Madison, WI

“David Emmons’s ARTIST MARKETING FORMULA is the best I've seen and what makes it especially powerful is Davids's amazing commitment to your success. He has done the work for his own art and knows how to help artists achieve results. And he does it with infectious enthusiasm and an inspiring attitude to serve. I can't say enough about David and his program.”
Barry Mack,
American painter, printmaker, and author
West Hampton, NY

“Hey David,
I have been implementing your class to my new FB Page: Laura Langston Visual Artist for about 4 days now. And I just wanted to tell you that I just got a sale of one of my paintings... $500.00! I am so very excited that your class has almost paid for itself. I am addicted to learning how to do this, my husband has said that I have turned into a hermit because I don't want to stop to even eat!
Just wanted to thank you again, you are amazing.”
Laura Hannah
Visual Artist
Bedford, Texas

“David Emmons your customer service level is beyond amazing. Thank you well thought out program and coaching. I don't think I've ever seen anyone work harder at making sure customers are happy and know that every penny they've spent with you is more than a value”.
Tom Wirt
Ceramic Artist

"David, I can't thank you enough. Being able to count on regular daily sales on my website has literally changed my life. I no longer worry about having to have a full schedule of shows.
I am now more relaxed and enjoy spending more time in my studio creating. I am so glad I invested in this course. The positive change to my business is priceless."
- Glenda Jennings,
Artist, Seattle, WA

 "David, I could not wait another minute to send this email. As you know I'm a pet portrait painter and I do a lot of commission work. I never thought it would be possible to land a commission job with your strategies, but I told my husband that I would give it a try anyway. Boy was I wrong! I launched one of your simpler strategies the other day and within 24 hours I landed an $11,000 commission job and the over-nighted, cashier's check arrived in the mail today!! Woo Hoo! I will never doubt the power of what you teach again.
Thank you for changing my future!"
Gretchen S.
Fort Meyers, FL

“Good morning David! Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your work with “step by Step” So far I’ve had a few hours to spend with it and it's GREAT! worth every penny! I’m so excited!!! I have to do another 700-mile trip today, can’t wait to get it behind me so I can get back to your course. Make it a great day! Thanks again!”
- Bruce K.
Artist, Franksville, WI

“Like a lot of artists, I have been trying to find someone who understands FB marketing for creative entrepreneurs. I have taken business classes where I haven’t gotten this info either. Dave Emmons, you have finally cracked the code and you are a natural teacher! You are a leader in the art market industry, and I recommend this class to anyone who really wants to learn how to generate income from what they create!”
Tina Folks

"I can't believe all this is happening so fast. But I wanted to thank David for his course and the time he has spent with me and coaching all of us. Just think 4 weeks ago I never created one video and now I'm going live on Facebook where I will be photographing a family and doing a giveaway portrait session. Ready or not it's going down. THANKS, DAVID!!!" 
Vincent Pearson - Photographer
Cleveland, OH

"Step by Step Success is a totally comprehensive Art Marketing program. All you'll ever need to promote your Art ...and way more than you ever realized was available!"
Zanobia Shalks, Watercolor Artist
Steamboat Springs, CO

"David, I was such a skeptic. There are a lot of false products out there, pretending to be something real. But as soon as I started implementing your strategies, the results were there. Right away. Amazing! I have nothing but good things to say about the program. It is easy to follow, you can pause, implement, and learn some more at your own pace. I still am only 20% in, but all the things I implemented are working as promised. This is a super exciting time for me, and my husband is equally excited.
Have a great day."
-Gea Hines -
Jeweler, Greenlawn, NY

"Implementing just a few tips from the first 2 modules has transformed the way I look at social media marketing and has resulted in a 120% increase in my online sales last month alone. I'm excited about my business again. I can't wait to devour this whole course."
Dave Wallace
Artisan, Shelburne, Mass

"Hi Dave, just had to let you know I just sold my first painting off my Facebook Page! I have barely got my site set up !! I AM So excited!! Your course is amazing!
Thank you."
Linda Dohanos
Painter - Newtown, Connecticut

"I am a silversmith designer/maker and through David's course, I have learned how to build my business using the Facebook and Instagram platform, how to build my audience how to convert to sales and so much more. We also have a private Facebook group which is fantastic- all of us have the same goals and different experiences and bring so much shared knowledge to the table. This extensive course has been well worth the investment and I can only see it getting better. David also does monthly coaching calls which are fantastic and if you miss them you get a link to them the next day anyhow. He is really generous with his knowledge and time and his primary goal is our success."
-Rosie Edridge
North Devon, UK

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